Crasborn is a name synonymous with quality fruit in New Zealand and around the world. For brothers Eddie, Ricks and Lou Crasborn, theirs is a name that proudly represents solid family values of integrity, hard work, respect and trust. Over the past two decades the three brothers have worked together to grow their business into one of the largest of its kind in New Zealand.

For growers ‘Crasborn’ means assurance that their efforts to produce superior crops will be supported. With processes in place to ensure their fruit is packed, stored, transported and marketed to meet the exacting standards on the world stage.

For national and international retail customers ‘Crasborn’ means credibility, confidence, and accountability for safe, high quality fruit packed, stored and delivered to their specifications, time after time.

For Crasborns staff it means a cooperative, enthusiastic environment where input is valued and delivering excellence is a shared team commitment.

For all work enquiries please email:

Crasborn Group Ltd

1460 Omahu Road
New Zealand

Telephone: +64 6 879 9301
Fax: +64 6 879 9140

Growers use Crasborns electronic spray diary system to control their on-orchard practices, so all processes can be monitored to guarantee fruit is uncompromisingly “food safe”.

Crasborns quality starts in the field with the dedication of its growers and their commitment to meeting good agricultural practices and stringent EurepGap criteria.

This vigilance is maintained throughout Crasborns post-harvest processes that have many accreditations that are acknowledged worldwide, including the British Retail Consortium (BRC), to the highest level, gold status.

“We are extremely kind and gentle with our fruit, but very tough on meeting customer expectations” Ricks Crasborn


Resting on their laurels is not part of the Crasborn brothers’ approach to life of business. At Crasborns the emphasis is on continued improvement of fruit varieties, orchard practices and production processes.

Crasborns actively investigates new apple and pear varieties being developed both domestically and internationally, ever watchful of changing trends and opportunities.

An intensive young planting programme is testament to their commitment in supplying high quality fruit to the world markets.

Information is the key to improvement and Crasborn growers are encouraged to share in and contribute to the company’s knowledge base, exchanging ideas and experiences for the benefit of all.

Being kind to the fruit while ensuring it is packed to meet the most exacting standards of customers worldwide, is the primary focus of the Crasborn packing operation.

With three custom built packhouses, a blemish grading plant and two bagging plants, the company is recognised for its investment into leading edge technology, finely tuned programmes, and staff training. All the while providing flexibility to meet specific needs, timelines, and quality standards.

Considered one of the most versatile export-focused packhouses in the country, Crasborns flagship packhouse, is able to cater to specific global customer requirements.

The dedicated organic packhouse is New Zealand’s leading and most sophisticated with the latest technology. While the Interfruit packhouse packs both export and domestic fruit and runs an integrated programme with one of New Zealand’s largest supermarket chains.

Information is readily available and accessible. All production operators can easily access up-to-date computerized information on an exhaustive list of criteria, including customer quality requirements.

"Quality in coolchain equals quality in freshness"Lou Crasborn

Sophisticated computerised monitoring systems ensure consistent air and flesh temperatures as well as moisture content, to guarantee freshness of both packed and field product.

Crasborns commitment to quality is reflected in a secure export partnership with New Zealand Customs, achieved by consistently high Biosecurity results, that reduces processing time of packed export products.

Crasborn provides a comprehensive variety of coolstores, freezers, controlled atmosphere and Smartfresh™ rooms to ensure the right environment to maintain fruit quality to meet customer expectations.

Latest-development Smartfresh™ rooms maintain the premium – eating qualities of apple and pear varieties, and modern freezers allow Crasborns to provide frozen product storage options for many of its customers.

Further proof of Crasborns stringent standards is that it boasts a pre-clearance facility on site that allows for immediate export certification inspection for global markets.

An on-site laboratory gives growers immediate feedback on fruit maturity while a fruit library, provides feedback and assurances to growers and customers.

State-of-the-art touch computer screens link operators to custom-built Quality Control system at every step, while the training program developed by Crasborns ensures all staff members are effectively and individually trained in-house to a consistent standard.

Crasborns has invested significantly into developing software in-house to provide a fully integrated and flexible system from orchard to market. This ensures high levels of accuracy and efficiency, and a rapid flow of information everywhere it is needed throughout the whole operation.

“Embracing technology means timely information for growers and exporters, and secures much greater confidence from offshore markets”Eddie Crasborn